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Kadira offers a very wide range of furniture. During years of work experience and study constantly select brands that meet the demands of our customers, for private use, contract, and hospitality. Indoor and outdoor furniture, in & out. We have all the necessary accessories for decorating the space.

In Kadira find what you want. And if not find us. Our goal is to provide a practical and essential collection for decoration and furniture, styles and materials. A selection of quality at the best market price. The best and most recognized brands trust us.

We are committed to unexpected furniture, sustainable, comfortable, almost beautiful, adapted to the harmony of the environment to which it is intended.

In Kadira interior design products specific work project. We believe brands like Swedeze, Enea, Red, Heerenhuis, Kettal, Amat3, Capdellá Myyour, Lucente, Modiss, Bandalux, Franke, Smeg ... offering great discounts.

Highlight the specialty chairs and stools, and on the other side made ​​furniture for kitchens and bathrooms.

Online store have www.comprademobiliario.com that expands its catalog with the help and customer demand.